A (just about 3) is obsessed with things like lip balm, salves, etc.  Naturally, my Posh sticks are right up her alley and she decided she needed to "borrow," and hide them from me earlier today.

Meanwhile, C (15 months) has something rough going on - I suspect new teeth are coming soon.  Her diaper rash is angry and widespread :(  Being that my Healer stick wasn't in the changing table drawer (and factoring in the limited time and multiple extra arms involved in changing the diaper of a 15 month old), I grabbed a healing salve during diaper changes throughout the day.  It just wasn't working though!

Finally, after K got home and I had a second to breathe, I went on a hunt for my Posh stuff, and thankfully found it undamaged, stowed away in the "freezer" of the girls play kitchen.  Of course, why would you store your stuff anywhere else?!?

I changed C and her rash was still red, fierce, and looked really uncomfortable.  She cringed as I quickly and gently as possible rubbed some of the Healer on her.  Time to wait and see...

The next diaper change rolled around pretty quickly - she's been asking more because she's uncomfortable, my poor tiny tot :(  I was amazed, but not really all that surprised to see that her rash had decreased significantly with just one application of the healer!  After an entire day using something else with no change, Posh came to the rescue <3  

Oh... and for my crunchy Mama friends - it's totally cloth diaper safe!

Want to try this amazing, totally natural remedy for yourself?  Come over and I'm glad to give you a clean sample from my stick.  Or, order yours today from my Posh bestie Lisa <3