Have you ever tried to clean while your kids are awake and on the loose?  It’s kind of like brushing your teeth with a mouth full of cookies, right?!?

Have you ever tried to sort and purge toys while your kids are awake and on the loose?  It is truly the definition of insanity.  Yet, I still tried it!

I finally hit my breaking point.  I could look at that mess no longer.  I had been talking for weeks… months… about cleaning out the playroom and getting rid of the toys they don’t play with (ya know, basically everything since they mostly play with empty boxes and bang cups together).

I went in, but not before alerting my friends - if you don’t hear from me in an hour send a search and rescue crew.  Of course, the toddlers followed right behind me.  To “help.”  Yea.  Help.  Suuuuuuuuure.

Since they had already done me the favor of dumping every single blasted toy out onto the floor, I was equipped with lots of empty bins and baskets to sort into.  I started chipping away, first in the doorway, then moving farther into the room. Then there was wet.  That wonderful mysterious wet that doesn’t smell like anything so you have no idea what it is.  I mean, at least it wasn’t pee, but sometimes not knowing is worse than knowing and it being pee.  Gather the wet stuff and get it out.  Put a towel over the wet spot on the floor. Carry on.

Some of the highlights of the next hour, in no particular order:

  • I found some bacon.  Cooked, at least.
  • The 1 year old took 50% of the items out of the bins and placed them into other bins.  
  • The 2 year old decided to build a block tower.  Right. In. The. Middle. Of. The. Room.
  • My husband came home and made me a vodka and lemonade. Well played, my friend!
  • Ham.
  • Far FEWER Nuks than I was expecting.  I still haven’t found their top secret hiding place.  We own more than a dozen of them, and at any given moment I know where 2 or 3 are.  Someone please tell me where they are all stashed?  Or convince my kids to stop using them!

I took a break for dinner, and now I’m at the point where I have enough of a grip on things to start purging toys they don’t use.  About 68% of me wants to get rid of everything in that room.  Okay- we’ll keep all of the dollhouse furniture because that’s new and they do play with the dollhouse.  But other than that, they hardly use their toys. Can I really just bag it all up and say goodbye?  I wish!  It would work for a bit, until Grandma catches on.  Then she’ll fill the house up with toys again.  Don’t get me wrong, my girls are very fortunate to have so much.  But our house is pretty small, and they are pretty awful at cleaning up after themselves.

Maybe I just have an “open house,” and invite everyone with kids over to come shop from the playroom?  Who wants to take my kids while I do that?