Today my 2 year old ate a bowl of peanut butter and jelly for breakfast, my 1 year old asked for food, tossed it on the floor and demanded to nurse.  There were several wardrobe changes.  

At lunch time, "bean soup" (lentil soup) was demanded, served, and promptly tossed on the floor.  There were more wardrobe changes, and an explosive poop.  The afternoon carried on with what feels like 105 snacks, most uneaten for various reasons like "you took the wrapper off" or "you peeled my banana too much."  I'm pretty sure there was another wardrobe change or two in there.  My husband doesn't understand why I am always doing laundry, as if each persons should wear one outift per day and laundry should be done once a week. Ha!

Dinner consisted of whatever the kids raided from the snack bin while I tried to cook something decent.  They tossed my decent food on the floor.  I follow Honest Toddler, so I really should know  better than to try to feed my kids something that requires cooking. There is perfectly good applesauce and a pack of stale graham crackers, why would anyone want a warm, home-cooked meal? 

I did accomplish one major task today.  While no one was napping this afternoon I cleaned out my 1 year old's outgrown clothes and packed them for consignment, then added the next size and some fall stuff to her drawers.  Feeling motivated to tackle more in her room, I pulled out her bed to retrieve the treasures that lay beneath.  I found 5 Nuks (WIN), but as I cleaned up for the day I realized that there are at least 3 sippy cups abandoned somewhere in the house (SMELLY LOSS).  

It's almost 9pm and my 2 year old is laying on the floor mad about something suuuper important that I will never be able to understand, while my 1 year old sits on her chest and bounces up and down.  My husband suggests that I break them up.  I hesitate, because for a few minutes they're not climbing on me.  I eventually did ask them to stop, because if I don't get them to bed now there is a pretty good chance they will never sleep again.  Like, ever.

Every day is different in this parenting adventure, today just happened to be filled with wasted food, dirty clothes, and cleaning the floor countless times. I did not get any crocheting done, but that's okay. Tomorrow is a new day <3